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Dyer Baptist Church of Dyer Indiana
735 213th Street Dyer, Indiana 46311 (219) 865-2910 Senior Pastor David M. Atkinson
Ministries Missions Plum Creek
Christian Academy
& Preschool
Ministry Staff
    Birthday: September 21

    Hometown:Stayner, Ontario

    Family: Jane (Wife), April (Daughter), Lee (Son)

    Education:BS Theology Emmanuel Bible College (Kitchener, ON); D.D. Faithway Baptist College (Ypsilanti, MI)

    Hobbies:Writing poetry and music, painting, gardening, reading

David M Atkinson
Senior Pastor

Dr. David M. Atkinson takes his responsibility as Pastor very seriously. He views his position as one of an "under-shepherd" who must "feed the flock of God." For decades our Pastor has had a heart-effective ministry, especially to people with deep wounds and hurts in their lives. Undoubtedly, his unusual ability to empathize with hurting people comes from surviving his own physical and spiritual devastations.

For his over twenty years at Dyer Baptist, Pastor Atkinson has balanced this ministry of the heart with uncompromising commitment to the holiness of God and His Word. His sermons probe deeply into both the Bible and the issues we each face in our own spiritual pilgrimage.

    Birthday: November 1

    Hometown: Kitchener, Ontario

    Family: Bethany (Wife), Sylvia (Daughter), Russell (Son), Clara Jane (Daughter), Chace (Son)

    Education: Graduate of Practical Theology (Pensacola Christian College, FL); B.S. Biology Education (Pensacola Christian College, FL); M.S. Secondary Science Education (Purdue University Calumet, IN); Ed.D. Education Administration (Pensacola Christian College, FL)

    Hobbies: Woodworking, Gardening
Lee Atkinson
Administrative Pastor
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