East Wing Renovation Volunteer Work Schedule

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4th Week of July (July 21st to 27th)

Each day, Monday to Saturday

Working all day (7am to 9:30pm)

Lots of ceiling grid work to do, drywall in new lobby to do, lots of fire taping, always cleaning to do, mudding and seam taping, priming and painting. Door frames need to be painted and installed.

Call Pastor Lee to let him know you're coming.

Last week of July (July 28th to August 3rd)

More ceiling grid and painting to do, along with carpet tiles to put down.

Work will be going on each day from early morning till late at night. Please come when you can!

First week of August (the 4th to the 10th)

This is the last week before teacher in-service starts.

There will be work to do and people working from morning till late evening (like 7am to 9:30pm), each day Monday to Saturday, except for Wednesday evening.

Ceiling grid, painting, carpet tiles.

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(updated every couple days)